USFS blocking small-scale miners in S. Dakota

We received this message yesterday from some friends and fellow miners we have in South Dakota. Read the absurdity in what the USFS is saying, and doing here folks.

“Hey Shannon, wanted to give you a heads up that the us forest service in south dakota is starting to prohibit miners from working their claims. I was contacted by one today and was told they had to file a special use permit and was told they are not allowed to pan in the creek because it is creating sediment and killing the fish. as I get more information, I will pass it along. might want to give the gpaa a heads up to that this is likely going to affect their black hills claims as well.”

Obviously we are going to dive into this issue and we are calling the GPAA to give them a heads up as well.

This is the kind of garbage which is being taught to the USFS folks, that it is “their” land and we must ask permission to walk on the grass.

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