Urgent call to action for Washington State on bill to ban suction dredging

Critical small mining bill proposed in Washington State Urgent action required

Washington State Democrats have reintroduced yet another bill to put a moratorium (ban) on small mining (dredging) in the state. House bill 1077 would impose over-regulation on suction dredging and adversely impact real property mining claim owners, gold clubs, rural communities and prospectors. We encourage you to read this bill, call your Congressman and oppose this bill immediately.

Staying silent will allow this bill to pass, do not remain silent, make the call or write a letter today.

Here is a website for your Congressman (you can click on “Representatives” to find your Representative)


Here is the website of the complete bill:


American Mining Rights Association, AMRA
Facebook: American Mining Rights
Web: americanminingrights.com

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