Urgent call to action California


We just learned minutes ago that the public only has until tomorrow to have a letter in opposition to SB637 in the hands of the next committee, the Environmental Quality Committee.

Here is a sample letter from WMA and while we love their letter, you should not copy and paste this letter, but write your own. Your letter of opposition should include the following:

1) there is no scientific studies which show increased levels of mercury anywhere in CA from suction dredging.

2) The Sierra Fund Lake Combie project receives tax payer money to dredge, while permit dredgers are denied.

3) Suction dredgers create revenue in the permitting process for CA.

4) This bill adversely affects the poor and middle class of CA. Literally tens of millions of dollars are lost to the rural communities with the money they would have spent going to their claims, purchasing gas, food, hardware and equipment.

I strongly oppose this bill as written.


Mr. Shannon Poe
American Mining Rights Association.

These letters must be faxed in to:

California Senate
Committee on Environmental Quality
Attn: Rachel Machi Wagoner
State Capitol, Room 2205
Sacramento, CA 9581
FAX (916) 322-3519

It is sad that the process now to have our voices heard is so convoluted that most are silenced.

Please send your letter today.

Here is a little more information about SB637 from our friends at WMA:


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