Update on the SF Clearwater

Update from the SF Clearwater, Idaho
Last night two of the AMRA dredgers were cited for dredging without a PoO (Plan of Operations) by the Forest Service.
Now, we will be able to present this case, along with the mountain of evidence we have obtained including video, affidavits, documents, testimony and case law on this illegal plan to require these permits they say are required.
The court case will be in a few months and we will keep you abreast of these cases as they move forward.
We are meeting again with the California Water Board again shortly over the dredging in 2019 and that will be one of our primary focuses once we leave here.
We are all in the process of reclamation on every one of our dredge holes and have returned the river to its near original condition prior to us arriving. It has been unanimous from all of the people we have talked to about our reclamation, they all believe the reclamation is “awesome” “fantastic” and “amazing”.
It has been an experience, that’s for sure and we learned more than we thought possible about the level the USFS is willing to go to continue to enforce what we are confident is an illegal scheme to further restrict and interfere with the small scale suction dredgers up here.
We have several days left and are going to make the most of them….

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