Update on the dredge ban in Oregon


Note the language written by the Statesman Journal in this article about the recently passed bill banning dredging. They use the term “hobbyist”.

Suction dredging is not a hobby. We do not practice catch and release gold mining and toss the gold back into the stream. We dredge with the intent to make money, money from a valuable mineral deposit on our real property mining claims.

I grew up in Oregon and over the past 30 years, this state has moved further and further left politically. They care not about rights, benefits to the environment from dredging, they only care about their ideology to ask permission to use what they believe are “their” lands, not yours.

Google “suction dredging to create fish habitat” and you’ll find states all over the country using this very sound and environmentally friendly method to create fish habitat.

Know that we ARE working on things behind the scenes to address things just like this.

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