Update on road closures in the south mother lode

As most of you know, we have taken on the challenge of opening up the roads which are currently gated and blocked for over 300,000 acres in the south mother lode.  This is under the “guise” of fire remediation and is costing the tax payers tens of millions of dollars.
We have demanded answers from Susan Skalski (Stanislaus National Forest Sup…ervisor) about how the money is being spent, how many gates are being installed (we have confirmed 26 new gates so far) and why she is spending millions trucking in boulders to block miles and miles of camping areas, mining sites and public recreational areas.  These things, to us, do not constitute “fire remediation”.  Our demands have been ignored and we are taking it to the next level.
We have been in contact and have meetings scheduled with Congressman McClintock and Congressman Denham (the areas we are talking about are solely in their districts).  We are also discussing the possibility of a protest……..on Skalski’s doorstep demanding she answer to the people since last time we checked, she IS a public servant. If we decide to do this, we will need your help.  They believe they can just ignore us, lose our claims and we will just walk away.  Is that what you want us to do?
There is much more to this, but this gives you the information that we are working hard to get answers and are not letting them ignore the requests of Federal mining claim owners being denied access to their claims.
blm road closed
We just ask you continue to support us and if you are thinking of joining AMRA, now would be a good time.  We are getting pretty low on funds.  Not one of us gets paid a dime to do this, not a penny.  We do it because if we don’t, who will?

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