The Ketchum’s lost all of their possessions in the fire. How you can help

About Britt and Zak Ketchum and their loss of homes, shop and vehicles in a rabid wildfire in California last night.

I just got off the phone with Britt and he’s well……Britt. I could tell it’s stressful, but Britt is never angry, never down and is a glass half full kind of man. He’s always been that way.

Zak, his son is the spitting image of Britt and their whole family are the nicest people one could ever hope to meet. And I mean that sincerely. They donate their time, money and energy to others without so much as a thought to how, when or why….they just do.

It is time we show them we support them and help them with their incredible loss.

There is a Gofundme page set up, and in typical Ketchum fashion, it only has a goal of $2500. This is supposed to buy food, clothing, motel costs and things this family needs right now? I don’t think this amount is anywhere near where it should be.

Lets raise some money for these families please. They deserve it and they literally just lost everything they own last night except for the clothes they were wearing.

Please join me in SHARING this post and making any kind of donation you can. Even $5.00 helps.

Shannon Poe, President, AMRA

Here is the Gofundme page:

The Ketchum’s Gofundme

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