walk 4 liberty

New walk4liberty protest video

We are fast approaching our 300 mile walk down highway 49 in protest of rural community killing over-regulation. Join us in Sacramento for the protest August 27th, 1pm.

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New Walk 4 Liberty video

Walk 4 Liberty new video In order for Californian’s to be successful in protesting and opposing the crushing regulatory schemes in California we MUST join hands. We must band together. All of us. Hunters, hikers, fishermen, ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers and off roaders. Regulations and rules which: close roads to camping spots, hunting spots, favorite […]

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Announcing Walk 4 Liberty and protesting the politicians who destroy our liberties

How cool would it be if all of us joined hands against the destruction of our access to public lands, the destruction of our rural communities and ridiculous laws passed to make you pay dearly for insane policies? California is rapidly becoming intolerable. Miners, ranchers, farmers, hikers, hunters, fishermen and other public land users. People […]

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