New Walk 4 Liberty video

Walk 4 Liberty new video

In order for Californian’s to be successful in protesting and opposing the crushing regulatory schemes in California we MUST join hands. We must band together. All of us. Hunters, hikers, fishermen, ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers and off roaders.

Regulations and rules which: close roads to camping spots, hunting spots, favorite fishing areas, off-road areas, hiking trails and mining claims. Permits for everything from little water pumps in a creek to not being able to hunt your favorite spot. Farmers are facing epic water restrictions which will put many of them out of business. Next year, we all will be forced, by the threat of fine….to only use 55 gallons of water by each person in your home, while the state releases water to help a tiny little non-native smelt in the Delta. A little smelt is more important than you.

Are you fed up? We are.

Please take 4 minutes and watch this video about Californian’s fed up and doing something about it. Share this to others who love the outdoors or are being devastated by over-regulation and join us in Sacramento August 27th at 1pm to tell the politicians at the state capitol that enough is enough.

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