Stand with us tomorrow at the CA State Capital

Senate Hearing tomorrow at 9am in Sacramento:

We frequently talk about standing up to a tyrannical government, over-burdensome regulations and speaking out in opposition to ridiculous and special interest bills to destroy mining.

If you are looking at AMRA, WMA, GPAA, PLP or the New 49’ers to save you, think again. We are not your knights in shining armor. We cannot, and we really want to express we CANNOT win this fight with just these entities listed above.

It requires you.

YOU must get involved, write letters, attend court hearings, make phone calls and show up to Senate Committee meetings in opposition. Yes, we will be speaking on your behalf tomorrow and are fully prepared, but we need you standing behind us letting us know you have our backs.

These Senators will be deciding whether or not there is really any opposition to this special interest bill to potentially destroy suction dredging once and for all. They need to SEE you there or they think you don’t exist. They need to HEAR you are in opposition or they will jam this down your throat. They need to FEEL you are angry, fed up and you believe enough is enough. They need to know that we are still a Representative Republic and we will give our solemn oaths to do anything and everything it takes to oppose this, including recalling any Senator for passing a bill written by special interests, created with not just faulty science, but fraudulent data.

They need to know…….clearly, just how many hundreds of millions of dollars is being lost due to the fact that this “scheme” of permitting is costing California, the rural communities and people are losing jobs and businesses because of it.

Stand with us…………..

9am tomorrow at the State Capital building.

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