Sorry, we’ve been busy with a fire…………

Okay, we got a little distracted by the recent fire up at headquarters over the past two weeks. MANY THANKS to the outstanding personnel who responded to this fire and to those who are still deployed out there so that we may sleep soundly tonight- from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Let’s try this one again.

AMRA is looking for volunteers for our Gold and Great Outdoor Show and annual dinner in Auburn CA this September at the Gold Country Fairgrounds just NE of Sacramento.

This is the largest event we put on all year and we are asking for your help.

We will need volunteers Friday September 22nd, Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th.

Want to help the small miners and public land users? Volunteer to help!


Week prior to the show: Hanging posters in Roseville, Sacramento and greater Sacramento area.


Set up of booths and lecture venue
Set up of dinner venue
Hanging poster boards of show in Auburn


Ticket booth/wrist bands
Security monitoring (outside)
Door security
Beer and wine servers


Ticket booth/wrist bands
Security monitoring (outside)
Door security
Tear down

If you can volunteer or have a question, please respond below to this posting. Once selected, we will add you to our special volunteer page.

Thank you!

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