Something we are considering…

Have you ever thought of walking across America for a cause?


We have milled the idea of a few of us AMRA staff walking from California to Washington DC to have a face to face meeting with the Trump administration over the problems small miners and public land users face. We are not suggesting having you walk with us, just a few of our AMRA staff.

Involve the media, involve every gold club, gem club, metal detector club and GPAA chapter all across the country. Involve off-road groups, hunters, hiking groups and ATV’ers. Ranchers, farmers and loggers. Do live Facebook videos a few times a day talking about their problems and ours. Have businesses sponsor the walk, perhaps in segments. In other words….bring tens of thousands (or more) of people to our plight and they can follow the journey with us.

It is a long walk, over 3000 miles and would take a few months. It would also be very difficult for the folks in DC to ignore something of this grandeur given the amount of attention it could draw. Set up “walking meetings” well in advance with some Senators and Representatives (we just happen to know a few) upon arrival or even on the way in various states. Great publicity for them, and for the public land users.

This is an idea we have discussed for a few years and we are interested in your feedback.

Yes, we are aware there are certain roads you cannot walk on and understand the logistics involved. We are more interested in feedback on how to engage as many people as possible so they may understand how we’ve all endured years of propaganda, lies, deception and kangaroo courts to suppress our rights. How environmental groups sue and settle to close giant swaths of our lands and even influence agencies to enact rules which close our lands of stop small mining, ranching, logging or even camping.

It is time to think outside the box. This may, or may not happen, but we are interested in your opinions and feedback.

The Golden Walk

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