Sierra Fund, the definition of hypocrisy

How do you define hypocrisy?

Sierra Fund and the opposition to suction dredging by small miners.

We’d like everyone to read this release by the Sierra Fund, who has received millions (yes millions) of tax payer money so they can dredge several waters in CA all under the initial guise of removing mercury.  Now, they openly admit using a dredge to remove mercury and other toxins with a dredge results in “returning only clean water back to the river”.  If you are politically aligned with the opposition to small miners and small government, you get rewarded with millions of dollars from the tax payer to go dredge.  If you believe in the Constitution, the founding principles of our country, you are shut down.  They won’t let us dredge with suction dredges which remove 98% of the mercury, but allow SF to dredge with a cutter dredge which only removes 84% of the mercury and pay them millions.  The State has spent millions of our tax payer money in court to fight to keep us out of the water.  But those who are massive donors to the “other” party, like to Barbara Boxer, get additional funds to dredge.

How much more of this will you take?

Here is their release:

Multiple Benefits as a Result of Mine and Mine Waste Reclamation Reclaiming the Sierra October 29, 2014 This issue paper has been developed by The Sierra Fund and partners to frame the Multiple Benefits / E3 Gold track of the Reclaiming the Sierras 2015 conference. This and the three other issue papers associated with the three other event tracks are working documents intended to frame the issues that will be addressed at the conference. As a result, they will be revised and updated leading up to the conference. Background A great deal of gold and mercury remain in California’s gold country, some of it mobilized during the heyday of gold mining and now trapped behind the dams below these old mines. These metals are mixed with in with huge amounts of gravel, sand, silt, and anything else flowing down the river during a rain storm. The gold comes to rest when the water stops moving when it gets to the reservoir. Almost every major river and creek in the Sierra Nevada was dammed as part of the mining era. These materials are filling up the reservoirs the operational, productive water storage capacity part of the reservoir and reducing water storage and water management options for many water suppliers. The Sierra Fund’s Mining Toxins Work Group and its partners are exploring methods to identify the best available technologies and practices needed to remove this sediment from the reservoirs and treat it to remove mercury, returning only clean water back to the river”.


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