Sad news from AMRA

We have some very sad news here at AMRA.

Today, we learned that because of the newly endangered listed species of Ratchilla (pictured here) we are letting all of our claims holdings in every state go back to the Federal Government who’s sole focus is to save this little creature from the obvious demise it would face unless they ban small mining entirely.

ugly animal 6

Originally, we had named one of our favorite claims “Ratchilla” to honor this cute, lovable and friendly creature, but due to its listing as “kinda, somewhat, possibly, potentially, perhaps, maybe threatened in an insignificant way” by our elite rulers of America and their partners, Sierra Fund, we are concerned for its habitat and do not want our members to disturb the very grass it eats.

Some little known facts about Ratchilla’s; they eat only puberdo grass, a coarse, wiry form of grass which grows everywhere but is another rare life form on planet earth according to Sierra Fund (listed as endangered by NASA in 2015, they don’t just focus on space exploration anymore). Sierra Fund is planning a new mining operation paid by your tax dollars to mine the gold underneath this grass species as they claim the gold below this grass inhibits the grass growth, and therefore endangers the Ratchilla.

Two CA Senators are giving a grant to Sierra Fund in the amount of 2.5 Billion dollars (your tax money) to mine the soils under this grass so as to preserve the grass, and in turn the habitat for the Ratchilla species. Well done Sierra Fund, thank you for looking out for the grass and rats.

We have been reading many of the pages and posts from the George Soros (there are about 245 to date) environmental groups and you know what? They are right. We “should” ask permission to walk on public lands, we “should” ask permission to hike, hunt, camp, fish, mine, pee, sight-see, pick a flower and drive to our own homes. I mean, who are we to say we have fundamental rights and that public lands are owned by the people. Who are we to demand public employees who are paid for by our tax dollars answer to the public whom they work for?

Who are we to…………….oh wait, that’s right, we are a nation of laws and of the Constitution.

Happy April Fools Day from all of us here at AMRA.

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