Ryan Zinke proposes moving agencies out west

Our thoughts on Interior Secretary Zinke moving the departments/agencies tasked with managing our public lands out of Washington DC is pretty simple.

We’d rather have these folks be available to the folks affected by their management and be in the heart of the lands they manage………..rather than be at the doorstep of the lobbyists and politicians.

For example; when we have to escalate an issue we have with BLM or USFS to the boss’s boss’s boss of a Federal employee going outside of the scope of their job, we have to contact Washington DC to file a formal complaint or contact the head of the agency. While we have been successful breaking through this firewall and actually having conference calls with these heads of the agencies, it took numerous letters to President Trump to accomplish facilitating the contact (thank you Mr. Trump).

Who do these agencies serve? The people or the lobbyists and politicians?



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