OOPS, our schedule missed the outing April 23rd and 24th

We apologize for our incorrect post on our schedule, we left off the outing at The Office April 23rd and 24th.
This outing IS scheduled and will happen and we’ve corrected the post below. Hope to see you there!
Here is our updated event schedule for 2022:
AMRA 2022 Schedule
April 9th and 10th: Portland OR GPAA gold show.
April 23rd, 24th: Outing at The Office and duck races!
May 14th and 15th: Outing at the Contender, San Luis Obispo. Dinner and metal detecting hunt.
June 18th and 19th: Outing at Blue Jay, Salmon River Siskiyou Co. Hamburgers to be served.
July 16th: Outing at Buttercup, middle fork Yuba river. 1 Day outing and hamburgers to be served.
July 23rd and 24th: Pomona GPAA gold show.
August 27th: Annual outing at Roaring Camp, Mokulmne river, Clinton Bar.
Outing at Jawbone, Tuolumne county. Date TBD
Rye Patch outing? Nevada. TBD
Annual Oktoberfest at Slash X in Barstow CA. Date TBD, huge metal detecting hunt.
December 3rd, 10th annual AMRA dinner and fundraiser. Likely in Lodi CA again.

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