On a serious note about the virus

We here at AMRA have made an informed and educated decision to stay at home, only going to the grocery store once per week. We will be making that trip for our neighbors as well (mostly elderly) so they do not have to.

If you are hoarding TP, hand sanitizer, medicines, bread, milk, eggs, thermometers and taking it from the┬ápeople like the man in the photo, let us know, we’ll be happy to refund your membership and you can go your own direction.

We fully and completely understand the statistics and the chance of one of us dying from the virus is low, but we do not want to be responsible for someone else, like our 81 year old neighbor who has respiratory problems.

Yes, we are concerned with the loss of our liberties, but cannot see what the benefit is of going out and combatting that right now by having a cavalier attitude. This is the biggest rub for many right now and for those who know us, we fight, and fight hard to maintain our granted liberties. We just believe now is not the time. We believe it is time for thinking of others.

Please choose wisely folks, someone’s loved one may be the person who cannot overcome this Chinese Corona Virus.

Thank you to the truckers right now keeping our supply chain open, the farmers for growing our food, law enforcement for keeping the peace and we pray for all of you during this head shaking time.

All of us here at AMRA……..

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