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Pomona GPAA Gold Show this weekend!

We are packing to today and heading down to Pomona tomorrow for the GPAA Gold Show.  Stop by AMRA’s booth and find out what is going on with California’s small mining fight!   Pomona GPAA Gold Show

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AMRA is now producing an educational series of videos

AMRA is now releasing its educational videos. Our goal is to teach everyone what their rights are as they pertain to public lands and also mining claims.   In this video we address if the USFS (Forest Service) can cut

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Our new educational series of videos. Can the USFS cut trees on your claim and what to do about claim jumpers

We apologize for the release and subsequent problems with our new educational series video. Here it is…..   This one addresses questions like “can the USFS cut trees down on my claim. And also addresses claim jumping and what to

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The final part, part 3 of the Ghost Mine exploration by AMRA

Frankly, I’m done with this mine, it scares the heck out of me.  

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Oregon is officially out of control

I grew up in Oregon and loved that state. Over the past few decades, the state has changed politically and quite dramatically.   They have effectively, like California, banned or are attempting to ban most methods of small mining in

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An important video on water rights

This video is of an epic fight some ranchers on the Oregon/Idaho border have had with the BLM over water rights. This also brings up some very, very valuable points on small mining and water rights. We strongly urge you

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Trump helps the mining community

While the entire country was embroiled in talk over President Trump’s tax cuts….this happened behind the scenes.   We have mentioned we had broken through Trump’s firewall and even have a personal letter from Mr. Trump over the endless letters

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Tucson GPAA Show this weekend!

The Tucson GPAA gold show is this weekend! AMRA will be raffling away a week long stay at Roaring Camp over the weekend. For those who have not been there, it is an amazing place with great gold, great people

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