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Trump rolls back restrictions on accessing public lands

As most of you can imagine, we get a ton of emails and calls on new bills, laws and movements by enviro groups to further take away the public lands from you…..who owns the lands. Right now there are attacks

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Senate swamp creatures obstruct mining

Many of you know we write a ton of letters to our politicians and Federal agencies. Some to encourage them to open investigations on bad behavior by government agencies, some to lawmakers we are at odds with like this….. Again,

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Veterans day…….

If you like to see this flag flying high overhead, thank a Veteran.     If you don’t, move.   Today we thank all Veterans past and present for our freedoms.

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Government ignored Native Americans on National Monument issues

During the Obama Administration, environmental groups lobbied endlessly to have millions of acres of your public lands designated as “National Monuments”. Part of their claims were that Native Americans wanted this. Well, not so much……   Utah Navajos say monument

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Outstanding article on Hydrothermal gold deposits

Want to understand how gold gets deposited and why people lode mine?  Read this………… Or click Veins and hydrothermal deposits of gold

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USFS Probert makes another move to eliminate public land users from using their lands

We’ve posted many time that mining claim owners have fundamental rights, rights of access, rights to the minerals in the ground and that others like snowmobile users, hikers, campers and hunters have “privileges” to use our public lands. Well, here

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Explaining the plight of a small miner in Oregon

A good read on just how hard it is to be a small miner in Oregon: Oregon gold miner faces unbelievable challenges

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Forest Service defines an oxymoron

Only the USFS could come up with this oxymoron. Definition of oxymoron plural oxymora play \ˌäk-si-ˈmȯr-ə, -sē-\ :a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness); broadly Gate the roads to keep the public off of their own

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RS2477 and YOUR roads

We have been talking about RS2477 (Revised Statute 2477) quite a bit lately and encourage you to read Marjorie Haun’s outstanding piece on the subject here.   These roads, and the same one’s our government continually tries to close, MUST

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Barstow/BLM and unity

About the Barstow/BLM road closures and uniting to fight tyranny:   We are going to provide you with some factual evidence on this issue, court cases, WEMO plan documents (the documents they claim gives them the authority to close the

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Gold and Great Outdoor Show

Welcome to AMRA’s first Gold and Great Outdoor show! On September 23-24, 2017, AMRA will be joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts in the largest Gold and Great Outdoors Show at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ca.

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