New Videos about to be released!

New videos:

Tomorrow we begin editing several new videos after months of filming.

We shot a video with our buddy Dave Varabioff from Gold Bay who owns the Colorado mine in the south motherlode and found some pretty amazing gold metal detecting his contact zone in his mine.

The second video is one we’ve been working on for a long, long time (almost a year now). “How to file a mining claim”. We believe this is the most comprehensive video made on this topic and covers: how to research an area, find out if it’s open, prospecting the claim and making a valuable mineral discovery, LR2000 BLM research, paperwork process, recording and filing the claim and the monumenting process. We will be hopefully releasing this in a week or so as time allows.

We sincerely want to thank Dave for taking us in his amazing mine, he’s a damn lucky man to have that much free gold (doesn’t have to crush it, just detect it!).

We also want to thank Tom Kitchar of the Waldo Mining District who, with his amazing book on this topic, allowed us to be incredibly detailed. We’ll also be posting links on how to get Tom’s book, it’s awesome and if you want to file a claim, that book, along with our video will give you the detailed information on how to file a claim….and not lose it due to errors in the convoluted process required by our lovely government.

Some pics of both videos……..

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