New update on AMRA

AMRA update:

We will be having a conference call tomorrow night with the USFS LEO Commander over the egregious actions by her LEO’s in Stanislaus NF. The clock is ticking and they do know our patience is running out on addressing these people. Just last week we learned of another incident similar to the one’s we have already obtained statements on (ignoring the 4th Amendment and violating their own code of conduct). Surprisingly, this latest incident happened after the USFS received our letters outlining their behavior. Seems it’s not sinking in. Trust us, it will shortly.

We spoke at the Reno GPAA chapter last night carrying our message of educating everyone on their rights and the need to unify in opposition to the endless public land closures. We all need to continue to reach out to not just mining groups, but others as well to have them stand up, and speak out against our public land closures. There is a 5 million acre proposal right now affecting NV and CA. This just never ends.

Tomorrow we are leaving early for Oregon with the intent to pick up two claims in the southern part of the state and then on to the GPAA gold show in Portland this coming weekend. Please join us at the show this weekend if you are in the area. All information can be found on the GPAA website. We come home for a week, then to Idaho to pick up a few new claims there and do the Boise show. A week after that we head to Vegas for the giant GPAA show there.

AMRA is looking at potentially representing a man out of Colorado who has been arrested by the USFS for some truly unbelievable allegations on his mining claim. He’s nearly 80 and cut a fence down USFS built “ON” his claim blocking his access. He took a chainsaw and cut the fence……then got charged with felony destruction of federal property. There is much more to this, but the man does not have any money and cannot even defend himself. More on this later…….

If you’ve been thinking of joining AMRA, we could sure use your support. Funds are getting low and we have much traveling to do and many projects going on, all of which require money. Join us, get in this fight and support your right to mine.

Stay tuned for updates on our USFS Taser case.

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