New Super Cool GPS app for mining claims

New product we are excited about and are equally excited we get to beta test this cool product!

Miner’s Mark is a new app created by a fellow miner and long time friend of ours. It’s going to eliminate the problem of wondering whether or not you are on your claim, your clubs claim, an association claim or someplace you shouldn’t be. Simply put, you can use the GPS on your smart phone (although my phone wasn’t so smart when I closed my tailgate on it) and it gives you grid lines of the claim as you walk around.

Way cool app and they are donating a percentage of their income back to the Miner’s legal fund. If you have specific questions, tag Sean Woods. Head over to their FB page and give them a like….

Taken from their Facebook page:

So how will this app help you?

1) The app runs on Apple and Android mobile devices.

2) It uses GPS to locate your position and save a “site” to your device. You can include information about your site such as photos and text with the option to keep it private or share it with other users who are also sharing.

3) We know phone storage is a valuable commodity so we offer cloud services to store your sites on our servers and retrieve them to your device whenever you need them. You can even retrieve sites shared by others to your device.

4) See group or individual claims outlined on the map based on the 4 GPS corners of the claim. Know where you can go, where you can’t and what clubs/groups to join for access. When you upgrade to cloud services, you get details about claims owned by large groups and associations, the experts in prospecting.

5) Look for new places! With our cloud services you will be able to explore new areas and view all the other shared sites in the world.

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** When will the app be available you ask? Shhh don’t tell anyone, this summer!

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