New claim Yogi

We are pleased to announce our newest claim “Yogi” located south of Groveland and very, very close (in the same drainage) to our claim “Perlot”.  Members can go to our claims tab to view the claim.

One thought on “New claim Yogi”

  1. Hello Shannon,
    Hope you and your’s had a wonderful Easter! The family is excited with dads new toy that he worked at Perlot. They had fun Spring Break, but no Easter Vacation as the fire ate the time for days off and confused me. One Monday off is not Easter Vacation ! I am wondering about the information for Yogi! How about sending them there with some hunting clues? How the layers run and such as it has been several years and it is hard to get the kids to listen to just what I have to say. Everything is a theory until proven different! Good Luck to US ALL and God Bless! Yevelle

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