New ammunition laws in CA, they are lying about them

Most of you in California are now likely aware there are a bunch of new ammunition laws taking place on the New Year. One is a new license for retailers. Seems the CA government has been lying, or as they like to say….less than honest about the whole process.
This is angered one of our fine Sheriff’s in CA, Sheriff D’Agostini of El Dorado county.
“””When asked what businesses that sold ammunition were supposed to do until then, I was advised they would have to only “shut their doors” for a few days until the licenses were issued giving no definitive date DOJ is willing to be accountable to. I advised him this was unacceptable and again requested Attorney General Becerra issue a stay until such regulations were completed and licenses issued.”””
For the full article from El Dorado county, click El Dorado Sheriff’s Department

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