Mr. Zinke, Trump’s pick for the Secretary of the Department of the Interior

It is important for all to understand just what our Federal Government is doing with your public lands and how their decisions impact real property mining claims.

This is a great explanation of how our government takes our lands, and gives us a bit of insight into what Mr. Zinke (Trump’s pick for Dept of the Interior over the USFS) will do.

Here is a snippet of the article

“An Interior rule-making this year expands the definition of “critical habitat” under the Endangered Species Act, and BLM’s plan to protect the greater sage grouse will inhibit mining, grazing and drilling on 60 million acres in 11 states. A rule finalized by BLM this month reduces state influence in future land-use plans. States and private landholders have sued to block several of Interior’s land grabs”…/zinke-bff-of-d-c-bureaucracie…/

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