Miners Meeting Live Broadcast

Miners Meeting Announcement:

We have now set the miners meeting for March 14th (10am to 2pm) in its entirety and wanted to share with everyone how they can participate in this crucial and long overdue uniting of the mining community in California.

While we cannot accommodate every small miner in the state who wishes to attend, we are going to broadcast this meeting live on the internet for all to hear the vision and how we are truly going to unite into one powerful force. How we are going to provide every single small miner with the facts, the science and the truth behind suction dredging, right of access and mining law, the truth about mercury and what to do if a USFS LEO (law enforcement agent) points a Taser at your face demanding ID for sitting in a creek.

All of this will be in one publication which will be available to everyone…..free of charge and without promoting any company. We have close to a hundred people scheduled to attend this meeting and we expect listeners in the thousands if not more. Yes, we are quite aware that the opposition to small mining will be actively tuned in and you know what folks, they are going to hate this meeting because we are going to provide every single small miner with the truth to combat their lies and propaganda.

Mark March 14th on your calendar and join us in this important meeting.

Here are the links to the live broadcast:

for Goldprospectorsspace members http://www.goldprospectorsspace.com/page/gps-talk-radio

for non members can listen at any of these links-http://www.Prospectorsradio.com
Live on 1000mikes-http://en.1000mikes.com/show/goldprospectorsspace_radio
Live on tunein-http://tunein.com/radio/Goldprospectorsspace-radio-s234321/

archives -on tunein-http://tunein.com/radio/Goldprospectorsspace-radio-p655256/
archives on 1000mikes-http://en.1000mikes.com/show/goldprospectorsspace_radio
and on prospectorsradio at-http://www.goldprospectorsspaceradio.com/

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