Miners meeting in Sacramento, March 14th announcement

Miner’s Meeting this Saturday from 10am to 2pm.


We have a packed meeting and want to thank everyone who is attending. This is probably the most important meeting (I can think of) in the past 10 years on small mining rights. While we cannot accommodate everyone at the facility, you can listen live on the internet to the entire meeting.

The reason we limited the attendance to the meeting is simple. To accommodate everyone, we would have had to spend thousands of dollars for a giant auditorium to seat thousands (we have received that much interest) and this money would have come directly out of the miner’s legal fund. This means someone would not be represented who had no one else to turn to and desperately needs help in battling a government agency intent upon destroying their rights.

We have several announcements we are making which will fundamentally change small mining in America. Yes, it is that big. We urge everyone to share this post and listen to the meeting live. We intend to start here in California, then move on to Washington State, Idaho, Oregon and the other 19 western states which have Federal mining claims.

For small miners and public land users to survive, we MUST unite. All of us. Not just miners, but fishermen, hikers, hunters, campers and off-roaders. America and our public lands are under attack each and every day by those hell-bent on fundamental transformation and this transformation does not include you having access to your public lands.

We cannot stress the importance of this meeting and that every single small miner, claim owner and public land user listen to this meeting.

For those who have confirmed attendance, here is the address and location of the meeting. Please be prompt as we have much to cover.

Four Points By Sheraton
4900 Duckhorn Dr
Sacramento , CA 95834
10am to 2pm

Here are the links to listen to this broadcast on the internet. Join us, share these links and unite us all in opposition to the rapid and reprehensible attack on our public lands.

for Goldprospectorsspace members http://www.goldprospectorsspace.com/page/gps-talk-radio

for non members can listen at any of these links-http://www.Prospectorsradio.com
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One thought on “Miners meeting in Sacramento, March 14th announcement”

  1. Hello, I am the Secretary for the GPAA’s River City Prospectors Sacramento Chapter. Saturdays meeting was great, thank you. I so agree that miners need a swift communication network to fight our fight. I have two requests: First, I talked with Mrs. Poe at the meeting about getting the PowerPoint presentations on to my own flash drive so I could show them at our local chapter meeting. She agreed that it would be a great idea and to see you. With the rush at the end of the meeting I felt it would not be an appropriate time to ask. Would yours, Joe Green’s, and the PowerPoint from the last section of the meeting be available online somewhere? Second, I am not clear on what the MMAC is. I am having trouble finding information online. Could you please send me some links? Our next meeting is April 18 and I hope to do a presentation then.
    Thanks for any info you can offer,
    Sherry Andersen

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