Know your rights on mining claims

Mining Rights:

We are asked frequently, and are contacted several times weekly now with questions on mining claims owners rights to access their claims and this is happening all across the United States. These inquiries are nearly always a result of the USFS putting up a gate, or denying them access to their claims for the purpose of mining their claim or performing the required work to keep the claim valid under Federal law.

We strongly recommend gold clubs, associations and mining claim owners print this 42 page document, read it and keep it. This is the USFS manual on what they can and cannot do in reference to mining claims and mining claims owners.

Let us know if you have any questions, our mission is to educate, inform and protect mining rights. Know your rights.

Click here for USFS Mining Claims

2 thoughts on “Know your rights on mining claims

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Just click on the line that says “Click here for USFS Mining Claims” in gold color print under last line of the paragraph entitled “Mining Rights”.
    I just did and printed out the whole 42 page USFS document to put in my claim information binder.
    Doug Murray

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