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We did an interesting analysis this morning and for the haters out there….ya, this isn’t necessarily about mining, tough.
Our so-called “leaders” on both sides of the aisle voted to send $40,000,000,000 (40 billion) to Ukraine to protect their borders and provide weapons for them to defend themselves, with very little accountability on where the money actually goes.
There are 130,930 schools in America right now (ya, you can Google this).
Instead of sending billions of our dollars to a foreign country, they could have taken that money and sent each school $305,506 to protect our own kids from mentally ill crazies like we are seeing.
40,000,000,000 / 130,930 = $305,506.
The solution isn’t to blame guns or send our tax money to foreign countries where we don’t know where the money goes. The solution is to have our so called leaders replaced with people who love America and put our kids first.
We need to stop electing lawyers and start electing farmers, ranchers, miners, small business owners and people who have had to worry about how to pay for their kids lunches, a truck payment or how to feed their cows. Someone with broken fingernails and worn boots that have more common sense and business experience than 100 perfect hair graduates from Yale.
Our mining woes are mostly created by one political party who is deeply influenced by hard-line environmental groups. These enviro groups donate big money to re-election campaigns. We need people who are not influenced by these big money donations to campaigns.
America first, our kids first and Constitution first.

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