Important message about the USFS

Important message regarding the USFS in California:


We have been working with a leading TV news organization on a factual story regarding the USFS and all the problems we personally have encountered, or our members and supporters have encountered. Issue’s like the two USFS LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) pulling a taser on one of our members while he was running a tiny sluice box on one of our claims.

Issue’s like the man who was cited for driving to his property after the USFS called him to go check on his cows who breached his fence. He had a special use permit to be on this closed road, but the LEO refused to look at the permit issued by her own office. The case was dismissed.

Issues like the nearly dozen people who had the road blocked by a USFS LEO for no reason whatsoever, then were instructed to get out of their vehicles, sometimes with little children and told to place their hands on the hoods and illegally had their vehicles searched. All without any reason, probable cause or justification.

This is why we presented the facts to Sheriff Binnewies of Mariposa County and he removed their law enforcement capacity from his county.

These blatant violations of civil rights have escalated in the past few years and we are not going to let them just ignore the rights of public land users. You shouldn’t have to worry about having your grandson being scared to death with his hands on the hood asking grandpa if they are going to jail for driving on a public road.

The stories are vast, and frequent. If you have a story, we want to hear about it. This news organization wants to hear about it. If you have been harassed by the USFS LEO’s, please send us an email to: with your story and we will contact you.

From the IRS to the BLM to the EPA, it is time we push back and demand accountability. To demand these agencies stop violating the public’s fundamental rights. Rights granted by God, passed by the Founders of this great nation and rights that cannot be taken away. These people work for us, not the other way around. We pay their salaries (and some quite large at that) and they manage our lands, not theirs.

We will expose them, and if you are sick of these agencies operating above the law, tell us your story.

This is what we do, because it is time our government answers to those who pay them………….the people of the United States.

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