I hope you are waking up to what the states are doing to small mining

You all hear us talking about the Bohmker case in Oregon and know we are supporting this one with everything we have.  You need to support this case.

This……….is why. If the states are allowed to circumvent federal law, expect mining to be banned, all forms except digging with a spoon and tiny pan. We are NOT kidding.

Read this:

GOVT Rules Against Gold Mining in Confederate Gulch

One thought on “I hope you are waking up to what the states are doing to small mining”

  1. SAD NEWS: The U.S. Supreme Court on April 29th has DENIED to hear the BOHMKER v. OREGON CASE — WITH NO EXPLANATION. For the near future our only hope is political… “if” we can convince President Trump to direct his Solicitor General to stand up for our rights we have a slight chance the court could change their minds… but don’t hold your breath, it’s a long shot.

    I would also urge everyone to become acquainted with miner’s bill PLP and ICMJ have been working on (go to http://www.icmj.com or http://www.publiclandsforthepeople.org) and sign on their Petition and support their efforts. More soon.
    Tom Kitchar
    Waldo Mining District

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