How do you spell “hypocrisy”? EPA

This is a nice little tidbit sent to us from our friends at East Bay Prospectors.  It is an EPA publication in which the EPA, back in 2000 was seeking out suction gold dredgers to clean the rivers and streams of mercury!


Stunning hypocrisy.


For the article click HERE

One thought on “How do you spell “hypocrisy”? EPA”

  1. This is the SMOKING GUN.This single letter issued by EPA proves they are (hypocritical) to all of there pages and pages of paperwork and this 6 year long closure against suction dredge mining as well as being harmful to the environment .Remember Erin Brockovich a single piece of paper brought PG&E down.I hope this letter by EPA gets in the hands of AMRA’s attorneys as well as any other defense attorneys defending the small scale miners!

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