FPPC releases findings on Sierra Fund

We gave an extensive interview for this article and they eliminated all of the statement where we talked about the over $6,000,000 Sierra Fund has received of the tax payer money to dredge while real miners are arrested and their equipment is confiscated.

Fact: modern suction dredges remove 98% of the mercury from the rivers and streams.

Sierra Funds cutter dredge removes 84% of the mercury.

Suction dredgers create revenue for the state in the form of permits and fees.

Rural communities are devastated by the 10’s of millions not being spent each year in the Mother Lode communities as a result of the suction dredge ban/scheme. Businesses are closing up because of the illegal moratorium.

Dredging is not allowed during any spawning season by any anadramous fish (salmon and steelhead).

Suction dredging creates fish habitat.

Sierra Fund IS a lobbyist group and spends the largest percentage of time doing so. This is in direct violation of the laws governing non-profits and 502(c)(3) organizations like Sierra Fund. Sierra Fund was the lobbying group who brought forth the original dredge ban and the Water Board bill.

Izzy Martin brags about her time spent in the State Capital lobbying.

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Fair Political Practices Commission finds no evidence of wrongdoing by Sierra Fund director

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