Forest fires and the USFS

Well, can’t say we disagree with this. Just in the past 4 1/2 years we have had to endure two massive fires in our own backyard. One was the 5th largest in the history of California. The latest one came within a mile and a quarter of our home base.

Mismanagement of our forests has been pretty pervasive over the past 40 years and there is no denying the condition of our forests have dramatically declined. The logging industry has been destroyed, forest fires now burn out of control and this all coincides with the environmental lawsuits on these public lands.

Centralizing these agencies in Washington DC and allowing the environmental groups like Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) dictate USFS policy is, in our opinion, a major contributing factor in why these fires now rage in size. The number of fires has remained fairly consistent, it is the scope of devastation by these fires which has changed.

Some fires, like the Chetco fire in Oregon, the Rim fire in CA are surrounded by controversy and questions of how they were allowed to get as big as they were. Intentional? We’re not putting on our tin-foil hat right now, but there are some questions which are not being answered.

Great piece from Free Range Report:

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