Rim Fire 021

This picture was taken this afternoon from our claim “Albie 1” very near our headquarters.  We will not be updating articles and news until the fire danger has passed.


Please visit our Facebook page for up to date information on the Rim Fire.


  1. Hope everyone survives this crisis and comes out both better AND stronger than before.

    BTW, love your website- and this is from a ‘city boy’ who thinks gold mining is about as cool an endeavor as anything one can do. The epitome of the rugged individual. AND the diametric opposite of those who would try to deny you this opportunity…

  2. In our hot dry summer climate fires in the mountains are going to happen. The environmentalists and the regulators, with their good intentions to preserve all trees and brush, usually make the fire damages greater. In some areas they will not allow cutting trees and brush near structures.

    I would think that it would be wise to have a program to log the large trees and re-plant, and clear the thick underbrush at the same time. That would make the land more productive. The forests would be more protected from these massive fires. And the taxpayers would not as burdened with the massive costs of fighting these out of control fires.

    At the present we are stuck with a tough fire situation, and we can only be thankfull that we have the planes and the fire crews that have done a good job in minimizing damages to stuctures. Hopefully, the winds will die down to give the fire crews a break in getting this one under control.

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