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15 hours ago
the end of the road

" ....over 85% of farms can’t support a family, financially, without added outside income, according to recent USDA surveys. What was once the most common job in America, now can’t even support a ... See more

23 hours ago
Green Killers: Congo’s Miners Dying to Feed World’s Hunger for Electric Cars

When we don't (can't) mine over here, this becomes inevitable over there ...

23 hours ago
Idaho vs USFS

Business as always over at USFS.

1 day ago
Quietly making an enormous economic boon statewide

" .... It’s no secret that the Sibanye-Stillwater mines in Nye and East Boulder — tucked away in the scenic foothills of the Beartooth Mountain front — are financially important to Stillwater ... See more

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