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1 day ago

Quite a day at the International Sportsman Expo in Sacramento today!

We partnered with two non-profit fishing groups as they are fed up with over-regulation and see the benefit in uniting like we ... See more

3 days ago

We are actively working on part 2 and 3 of the Alaska dredge trip and have completed shooting the "how to file a mining claim" video series. This video will show from start, to finish how to ... See more

4 days ago
401 Water Quality Certification and Wetlands Program | California State Water Resources Control Board

Dredging California and permits:

This may be one of the things the CA Water Board is working on and partially responsible for the delay.

I finally got a call back from them yesterday and was told ... See more

5 days ago
Forest plan not visible to public due to government shutdown

This is pretty telling on how political some in the USFS are. Are all USFS personal ideological? No, most are not but it is many of those at the higher levels which are. Another particular USFS ... See more

6 days ago
Gold dredging Alaska, Bucket List Part 1

We have released our newest video......

Bucket List dredging in Alaska (p1)

This will be a 3 part series as it was a 2 week trip. Wait until you see these clean outs!

6 days ago

Well I hope everyone is as frustrated with the CAWB (California Water Board) as we are over the supposed dredge permitting proposal they were supposed to release by now.

We have sent them 11 emails, ... See more

1 week ago
Challis crowd stands up against more wilderness

News from the Wilderness Front

Hot off the press, courtesy of the Challis Messenger. The news story linked below was printed about a month after the December 13th meeting sponsored by the Forest ... See more

1 week ago

Anyone in Oregon up for doing a good deed? (contact the Sheriff directly to help out)

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