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21 hours ago
Dear President Biden: Don't Restrict Public Lands Access

We warned this new administration was coming after your public lands....and they are.

A frequent slogan heard in the outdoor community is keep public lands public.

1 day ago

Last year at one of our raffles, Jeremiah won a day trip with AMRA.

Yesterday he got that day........and as can be seen here, it was a very good day!

1 day ago

One of the things we see new or less-experienced small-scale miners do is ..."dig in the wrong spot". Part of this is because they do not fully understand where gold deposits and how it is done ... See more

1 day ago
Noose on Placerville city logo will go, council decides in unanimous vote

Everything is now offensive. Hang town was named that because of claim jumpers, not for anything to do with racism.

Your history is being deleted right in front of your eyes every single ... See more

In a unanimous vote, and after a public comment session lasting over three hours, Placerville's city council decided Tuesday night to remove the depiction of a noose from the city's logo.

2 days ago
Photos from American Mining Rights Association's post

For those of you who watch our nearly 100 Youtube videos(under American Mining Rights), we speak of "old ground" frequently which is ancient river channels....sometimes loaded with gold.

This is old ... See more

2 days ago
Democrats Introducing Legislation To Pack Supreme Court With 4 New Justices, Report Says

This is the tipping point.

House and Senate Democrats are reportedly preparing to unveil legislation on Thursday to pack the Supreme Court with four new justices, a move that would

3 days ago

A little video about this weekends outing...


3 days ago

See you there!

3 days ago

For those of us who mine for a living, we all know you have good days and bad days.

Days where you find a spec, days where you find huge ..... nearly 1/2 ounce nuggets.

Yesterday was a GOOD day.

4 days ago

We have a sincere question.

Do you believe our voting process as it currently is... is fair and trustworthy?

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