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5 hours ago

Keene Engineering is providing air tanks and full face masks to the airlines to help the hospitals.

Thank you Patrick Keene, this is why I love you brother!


20 hours ago
What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?

A very interesting read and legal debate over the shut down of states and our country.

1 day ago
Email List Subscription Form | California State Water Resources Control Board

Well this is impressive. I have received at least 10 emails and about 2 dozen FB messages from folks about the email sent out from the CA Water Board. Seems you folks took our advice and signed up ... See more

1 day ago

In answer to the question we posed yesterday on which state AMRA has the most complaints about access, interference with mining, road closures, USFS and other issues, 5 of the 77 comments we received ... See more

2 days ago
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

We have followed the Chinese Corona Virus closely and for the most up to date (updated hourly) map, Johns Hopkins University is the go to place.

You can zoom in on this map, all the way down to the ... See more

2 days ago


What state do you think we have the most complaints from small miners and public land users when it comes to small mining problems, road closures and out of control regulatory and ... See more

3 days ago

We picked up a pair of boots just like this for our Goberian (1/2 Golden, 1/2 Siberian Husky) and the results were exactly the same.

Nice belly laugh for the ... See more

5 days ago

We here at AMRA have made an informed and educated decision to stay at home, only going to the grocery store once per week. We will be making that trip for our neighbors as well (mostly elderly) so ... See more

1 week ago
Day 4 and 5 of the Chinese Corona Virus lockdown at the AMRA house

Day 4 &5 of the Chinese Corona Virus lockdown at the AMRA house:

Remember folks, this is satire and we could all use a little laugh during this........

1 week ago

As a reminder for city folk who think they will come up to the rural areas and take our stuff:

We don't call 911.

Isn't this a cute backhoe?

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