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6 months ago
Judge tosses California ammunition purchase law

A little bit of sanity in an insane state.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday blocked a California law requiring background checks for people buying ammunition, issuing a ... See more

6 months ago

We have just heard from the California Water Board....after more than a dozen communications and they stated they are coming out with their draft proposal soon, "as soon as next month" to quote ... See more

6 months ago

Last week we attended a phone conference with IDEQ (Idaho Department of Environmental Quality) on small-scale suction dredge permits for the state for the small-scale mining community.

IDEQ ... See more

6 months ago
President Trump claims he will temporarily suspend immigration into US

President Trump to temporarily halt immigration due to the Chinese Corona Virus.

6 months ago
Farmers don't break, but supply chains do

Most people do not understand how many industries are linked together.

Farming and ranching and trucking and retail.

How prices on soy beans impact beef prices. How diesel prices impact ... See more

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