Electra fire threatens AMRA board member and Roaring Camp

We are watching this fire extremely close as one of AMRA’s board members home is only a few miles away currently from the front line of this fire. Also, our close friends at Roaring Camp have now just evacuated their camp as seen here on Ricky’s post below.
The fire went from 10 acres to 100 acres in no time, then rapidly went to 1000 acres within about 7 hours yesterday. This morning, it is roughly 6,000 acres. It’s burning in the old burn scar and moving quite rapidly.
We may bail out of here and go help out Matt make his house and property fire safe if needed.
Ricky’s post on Facebook:
This is the current situation. The fire is in the canyon a few miles down river from camp. Burning through the butte fire burn scar. There isn’t much fuel to burn and it’s moving very slowly. We did evacuate camp just to be safe but everything is fine. Stay safe everyone!!!

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