Easter message from AMRA

Happy Easter.
We’ve been off the grid for several days mining and are gearing up for our Vegas trip this coming weekend.
Years ago when AMRA was just a thought in the mind, we knew we didn’t want to create a non-profit (501(c)(3)) that just begged for money, we wanted to have something tangible people could have for a donation to the legal fund. We knew a shirt or hat wasn’t sufficient and honestly, for over 6 months I said I wouldn’t start something where we just asked for donations. One sleepless night I was laying next to my wife thinking of the 9 claims we had and boom….it dawned on me. What if we offer access….no, unlimited access to their entire family for a donation. That one night formed AMRA. We now have over 75 claims in the Western United States and growing rapidly.
We’ve come a long ways and I’m very proud to say we have the best staff of volunteers on planet earth. We have added a few new board members, Melissa, Nicole (well, not that new, but we wanted to mention her anyway), Matt, Steve, Jeff and Reb.
Many people ask us what would we do if we had the funds to do whatever we wanted to. We’d file many, many lawsuits. All of them against regulatory and management agencies for completely overstepping their authority or just blatantly violating our fundamental rights as public land users, and owners of mineral estates. And one in particular against the only “legally” allowed entity to dredge in CA.
We come up with new ideas to help fund these causes, like the live raffle with the GPAA in Las Vegas next week. Guys, do you realize what we are giving away? Close to $20,000 in prizes and you don’t have to be there. You can watch the raffle live right here in Facebook and hell, we’ll even UPS the giant dredge to your doorstep if you win. I’d invest $5 in tickets to have a few chances to win….but I can’t, you can.
Please call (209) 266-2844 (the call center) and purchase some raffle tickets. You’re helping a great cause and you just might win something amazing next weekend.
Oh, and the picture here is what we’d really like to do to Governor Brown….in Oregon and California.

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