Dredging in Alaska with a huge dredge?

Most of you know by now that several of the AMRA staff have ponied up some personal funds and we (there are 12 of us) taking a trip to Alaska to dredge in a little over 2 months!
We are going to be filming every single day and will have some amazing clean outs and are hoping (if the satellite internet works) to live broadcast up there each night of those clean outs.
It is with Gold Fever Alaska and we are so excited, so excited some of the guys are already starting to pack. Two solid weeks of dredging with some 6″ dredges, a VW powered 8″ dredge, and yes, even a V-6 powered 10″ dredge. The 10 sucks up basketball sized rocks.
We can’t wait, and if you want to see a cool website, so awesome opportunities to dredge Alaska, go to the one below and check them out.
Tell them we sent you and stay tuned for this once in a lifetime trip…

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