Dredging Idaho……

Tomorrow we leave for Idaho to dredge our real property mining claims with a valid Idaho dredge permit from IDWR. We, along with all the other miners on this river have met all the conditions required for legally dredging on the river.

The Nez Perce National Forest is still demanding a Plan of Operations (PoO) which is fundamentally not required by law. We are not obtaining a PoO, nor a permit the EPA states is also needed as they have no jurisdiction over this water. This is yet another classic example of government trying to assert power it simply does not have and regulate the crap out of an activity some do not like.

For those who know AMRA, this is an issue we’ve been battling up there for several years. We’ve been threatened, harassed and there have been many attempts at intimidation.

We will be filming and posting like we’ve done for years up there (think the Clint Hughes video) and we will keep you abreast of all happenings.

It is a long drive……..

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