Donald Trump wins the presidency

Donald Trump has just won the Presidency of the United States of America.

Republicans have retained the House and Senate.

The Republicans now have majorities in all branches.

We wish him well and hope he holds true to his promises of reigning in the EPA and other agencies who have been out of control and gets the small miners and America back to work.

This election also has a huge impact on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Mr. Trump has selected 20 different justices (which we personally researched) who are all Constitutional Conservatives. Why we bring this up is Brandon Rinehart’s case which PLF is going to present to SCOTUS. They “should” (if the case gets heard) rule on the law, and not ideology.

As AMRA, We give you our word, starting tomorrow, we will begin to reach out to Senators and Representatives on every public land committee there is and let them know they MUST open our lands and get us small miners back to work. America has spoken and this is a mandate from the people. While it will not be until late January when Mr. Trump actually takes office, we will begin our work tomorrow.

We need your support. We have our giant fundraiser/dinner on December 3rd in Turlock CA (just south of Modesto). We are giving away trips, dredges, gold, mining equipment and literally 10’s of thousands in prizes. Please come to this dinner and support AMRA.

Be safe everyone, we expect some people are not going to be very happy with Mr. Trump winning. We expect riots and disruption.

The stock market futures are down over 700 points right now.

Be safe………….

Congratulations Mr. Trump, get us back to work.

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