DFG meeting over newly proposed suction dredge regulations June 5th in Sacramento

Plain Text Regulations 02172012

UPDATE:  This meeting has been quietly moved to June 11th at 3pm.  Please try and attend.


DFG public hearing:

There will be a public meeting on June 5th, 3pm – 5pm in Sacramento over the new (massively over intrusive) regulations for suction dredging in California.

AMRA will be there, and will speak at this supposedly open process.  We believe they (the Federal agency) think they will lose our recent court case currently awaiting mandatory mediation so they are proceeding with their plan b, over regulation to achieve their agenda.

It is important DFG see’s an overwhelmingly strong presence from the small mining community in opposition to their proposed regulations.  There is no science behind most of these new regulations.  They are intended to severely restrict the small miners ability to obtain the most gold possible.

Please, make time, change your schedule and attend this meeting.

The reason activist groups have such a large impact on everything we see daily is because they voice their opposition.  We need to do the same.DFG hearing notice

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