DFG and suction dredging in CA right now

DFG and suction dredging in CA right now:

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We have spent an inordinate amount of time today on the phone with DFG. Enforcement division, public relations division, legal, and finally with the Public Information Officer.

These were lengthy and detailed conversations about the exact ruling and wording from Judge Ochoa and the intent was to find out what DFG would do this weekend if they encountered someone dredging.

The Reader’s Digest version is they state they will cite anyone for suction dredging even though they admit the judge ruled the moratorium was “unlawful, unenforceable and was a scheme”. The PIO also admitted he did not believe, even if someone is cited they would be prosecuted in any court, in any county in CA now that Ochoa’s ruling is public.

So………everyone needs to make their own choices when it comes to this. As you all know, we are representing two men out of Fresno right now and the prosecuting attorney refuses to dismiss the case although we are pretty confident the judge will based on Rinehart and Ochoa.

Rinehart is the law of the land now and after lengthy conversations with several attorney’s, they are 99% positive nobody would be prosecuted for dredging without a permit…..to which they won’t issue permits.

If you dredge and get cited, we would like to be notified immediately, but honestly, we do not have the funds to represent everyone if they were in fact cited.

Make your own choice folks and know there is a settlement conference scheduled for the 23rd to resolve the regulations which are really the only thing left unresolved right now.

We are going dredging……but that is our individual choice.

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  1. This sounds very positive. I am pretty new to all of this but recently joined a few websites as I am trying to learn. One was, goldprospectorsspace.com
    And was able to listen to their archive radio programs where I basically learned about your organization with Shannon Poe being interviewed. I thought you might have said you were a 501c3 or is that in the works or “pending” with the rest of them? lol
    Okay, when I am in the position to join I plan on it.
    A few questions. What states are your claims in? And what are the 19 you mentioned that are legally open for permits? Like for us “little guys”?
    I live in NY and can look at what I see but have to leave it there? Seems strange when all the folks a few counties over are grabbing as many Herkimer Diamonds as possible! Keep up the good work, hope to support you soon, Tim Smith (Penn Yan, NY)

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