December update

1000 holesWe know everyone is very interested to know how we did out at our secret and potentially new claim we are calling “1000 holes”. This is a tertiary bench placer John and I found a few months ago and just last month found old ground way up out of the creek. We took a select crew in there yesterday and finished the upper hole (all the way to the granite bedrock) and it didn’t have much more in it. Most of the gold was in the upper layer of the orange old ground.

The second hole was down by the creek and they ran a highbanker all day and punched this hole down to bedrock as well with the same results as us above…not enough gold. However…………….we went to the lower bench and while exploring, we noticed the creek had cut into the bank on the other side and caused the earth to slide into the creek exposing the granite bedrock sloping up out of the creek and the cobbles sitting right on top of the bedrock. Brandon crossed the creek/river (young guys can do this kind of stuff) and he tested some of the material with much better results and honestly, it is quite promising.

I want to thank our crew for digging their butts off and especially Mr. Brandon Rinehart for pulling my butt out of the creek and Mike Dahl for pulling my pump out for me.

We shot some great video and we will be editing and publishing this one Christmas week. We also shot some excellent video in our mine (tunnel site/lode mine) of us using the Sierra Blaster system to bring down our lode material and it worked amazingly. We brought out over 1000 lbs this morning from just two small sets….(3 heads/2 separate blasts). All of this we shot with halogen lighting inside the shaft and our high def camera. You guys will get a front row seat to it.

Both videos are going to be excellent and should be educational, fun and yes, we did get gold. We will see how much our lode material holds tomorrow morning as we are going to “Cube” that 1000lbs.

Oh, it is raining up here and looks like we will be dredging (legally) in January.

Picture: 1000 holes

4 thoughts on “December update

  1. Hey, I wanna go there too. Keep up the good work and hopefully I will be able to get out there soon. Tom Turner

  2. Can’t wait to play there myself! The time stamp would be GMT, we are at -8:00 GMT during daylight savings time here in CA.

  3. P.S. Dredging in January, legally? That would be a GREAT Christmas gift, put an AMRA sticker on Santa’s sleigh!

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