Day 3 of the Corona Virus lockdown at the AMRA house.

Day 3 of the Corona Virus lockdown at the AMRA house.

Was pretty bored this morning, wife wouldn’t let me hang the painting from yesterday. She said…well, I’ll leave that part out but it was something like ‘no f****** way are you putting that piece of **** in here” so decided to make cake for the dogs birthday today to pass some time. Now that I’m becoming an accomplished artist, I thought I’d make him look “cutesy mean” (that’s art terms) because of our current situation. I thought it looked pretty good, but neighbor Carl wants his teeth back. Wife wouldn’t eat it, dog wouldn’t either, he just growled.

Amazon delivery finally showed up, heavier than I thought. Had to give the delivery driver two bottles of Coors and a piece of cake to drag the box onto the porch, thankfully there was plenty left. Amazon said it was a real Mad Max outfit and would protect me against all forms of the zombie apocalypse. Fits pretty good, but limits my mobility. Not sure if I can swing my sword. Took about an hour to put it on and wouldn’t you know it, had to pee right after I got the damn thing on.

Pro-tip apocalypse-suit note to self…… either cut a hole in the crotch-cover-tire, or wear depends, don’t need any more accidents like that.

Was noon by the time I got the outfit off. Decided to call it “The Eastwood” and I plan to practice my super-mean-looking-faces later.

Watched a bit of the news today, saw Joe Biden walk into a wall, spin around and then threaten to punch a microphone, might be a rerun as I think I saw that before. Watched CNN for a few minutes and apparently every person will have the Corona virus by this weekend unless we give the government most of our money. Decided nothing has changed in the news.

Chopped and stacked some wood in case we have to cook over an open fire. Neighbor Carl was a little pissed he lost a portion of his fence.

Probably time to practice some sword skills out back on the wife’s flowers before it gets dark, they are getting pretty tall and look like they need some trimming. I’m hoping to surprise her with my surgical-like super-abilities with this weapon. Gonna try it with “The Eastwood” on. Pictures of that tomorrow and can’t wait to see how happy she’ll be once I’m done.

Another day in the books and doing great here. Think I might build something cool tomorrow.

Stay safe….

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