Day 2 of the Corona Virus lockdown…

Day 2 of the Corona Virus lockdown at the AMRA house.

Woke up at 2:30 am and thought someone was breaking in to steal my 3 roll stash of Charmin double-soft, ultra deluxe super rolls worth about $1,765.00 in todays current prices.
Jumped out of bed to grab the shotgun and stepped on the dogs tail. During the panic of both of us, soon to be joined by the wife screaming, the utter and complete chaos made the other dog think he was being attacked so he bit the wife.

I’m not sure what happened right after that as I lost conscienceness when she clocked me with her book. When I came to, things had settled down a bit and I learned it wasn’t someone trying to steal my Charmin. The barricade I had constructed in the back yard to prevent TP and stash burglaries was apparently not well thought out. Who knew you couldn’t stack the BBQ on top of a Walmart chair.

We rationed coffee this morning as we only have enough for 3.75 years based on two cups each per day per person.

I took up painting as a way to kill time as there are no sports on TV and reruns of The Walking Dead is just too realistic right now.

I’m going to surprise her today with the painting I did of her on our last trip to Cabo, hope she likes it. Probably have an update later today.

Be safe, be strong and remember to enjoy each day like it’s Christmas.

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