Controversial animal rights bill in Oregon

We followed this initiative up in OR as we all know what happens in CA, OR or WA may eventually come to those other states as well.
Imagine if we all actually did unite when anti-mining bills, water bills (for farmers and ranchers) and anti logging bills are introduced like this one.
We’d stop these types of bills in their tracks, like this one appears to have been stopped.
From the article:
“If anything, my bet is this is something that would solidify and unite the ranchers, farmers and hunters,” he said. “It’s probably going to unite the other side just to stamp it out once and for all.”
Initiative Petition 13, otherwise known as the Abuse, Neglect and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act, would remove exemptions to the Oregon animal abuse laws that protect hunters, farmers and anglers from abuse violations. That means hunters could possibly be prosecuted for killing and harvesting wild animals, as could farmers who send their livestock to slaughterhouses.
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