“FUBO” Steely Fork of the Cosumnes (south of Placerville)

Claim name FUBO
Location 1 mile from the old town of Caldor and only a few hundred yards from the USFS station at Caldor.
Size 20 acres
Dangers Rattlesnakes, poison oak, scorpions.
Access Good. Gravel road, but slightly rutted at times. 4 WD not necessary.
Gold Fine gold with decent pickers.
Methods of mining Bedrock busting. Hole punching, sluicing, panning, metal detecting, high banking. Very recently, we worked this claim. We took a 6’ prybar, a pan and some sun screen. We found great fine gold.  The access is good, walking is easy and camping is excellent. The creek should be year round water and was worked by a good friend of ours and professional miner back in the late 90’s.  He dredged near here with a 4″ dredge and found 1/4 ounce sized nuggets.
History Not much is known about this particular area and we are still researching it.  We only know that there was a stamp mill near here and a silver mine.  There are other lode mines (gold) nearby and the legend has it that the silver stamp mill burned, then washed into the creek.  Our buddy found some silver bars down in the bottom of a hole he dredged so there could be a huge treasure buried nearby right in the creek.

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