Arrests made on theft of AMRA member equipment theft!

We have some truly inspiring and fantastic news today. Please share this post as to how the small mining community came together and caught some thieves.
As many of you may recall, we had one of our lifetime members up in the Seattle area have his entire cargo trailer stolen with over $10,000 in mining equipment inside a few months ago.
AMRA put out an APB to all miners to find the person’s responsible and offered a lifetime membership for information leading to the arrest. The post was shared far and wide.
Jim Karl trailer 6
Last week, we were contacted by a man (small miner) in the Seattle area who posted an ad on Craigslist wanting to buy mining equipment. This miner is a follower of AMRA on Facebook. He was contacted by a man selling a bunch of equipment (from his Craigslist ad) which turned out to be Jim’s equipment. He recalled our post, looked at all the pictures after he purchased this equipment and then contacted us.
With the miner and Jim working with the local police up there, we are proud to say the culprits, with a history of drug crimes were arrested yesterday and Jim’s equipment has been retrieved and is being returned to him.
The man who came forward to us has received his lifetime membership and Jim is elated his equipment is being returned.
Great job everyone, this is how we can all band together and when one of us is wronged, we all fight back.
For all you drug induced criminals out there, beware of the miners, we don’t put up with thieves.

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