Arizona road closures….what can you do?

As we move forward with working on stopping the road closures being proposed in Arizona by the USFS, we want to educate everyone on the legal challenges one can make on issues like this.

Over the course of the next week we will be posting some of the arguments the public can make which conclusively prove these rogue moves by agencies like the USFS are not legal.

First, let’s take the USFS own Minerals Program Policy. (link included)

Here is the first paragraph of this policy:

The Federal Government’s policy for minerals resource management is expressed in the Mining and Minerals Policy Act of 1970, “foster and encourage private enterprise in the development of economically sound and stable industries, and in the orderly and economic development of domestic resources to help assure satisfaction of industrial, security, and environmental needs.”

“Foster and encourage private enterprise”. Meaning, their job is NOT to prohibit, deter, obstruct and block mineral exploration and development.

Not all within the USFS are trying to close your public lands, in fact most are not, but there are some who seem quite intent upon keeping you out of your own lands.

Obviously, closing hundreds of miles of roads in Arizona not only affects mining, but off-roaders, hikers, hunters, backpackers, campers and many others. We should all be uniting to stop massive public land closures like this.

We encourage you to read this document:

USFS Minerals Policy

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